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Early Childhood


Phillip Monday mornings - Colbee Court Jitterbugs 9.45-10.15 am
Phillip Tuesday-Friday mornings Colbee Court Bopperbugs and Beeboppers at various times from 9.30-11.30 am
Gungahlin Tuesday mornings - Birralee Scout Hall 5 The Valley Avenue Bopperbugs 9.45-10.15 am, Beeboppers 10.15-11.00 am
Ainslie Thursday mornings - Patterson St, Bopperbugs 9.45-10.15 am, Beeboppers 10.15-11.00 am
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Bellchambers Music School is the ideal place to start your child’s lifelong learning journey. Our early childhood program offers Bopperbugs classes for one-two year olds Jitterbugs for two-year olds and Beeboppers Little Music for three-year olds.

While there are a number of early childhood music classes running in Canberra, we are proud of the many areas in which Bellchambers Music classes stand out from the crowd. Each class is designed to engage your child holistically through music. Our class teachers are highly trained music educators, licensed through the International School of Music.

To learn what we do in class, click on the right class for you:
1 and 2 year olds – Bopperbugs
2-year olds only – Jitterbugs
 3-year olds – Beeboppers
Four – Seven year olds can join our emerging musician courses. click here.

Music gives your child a leg-up on their life-long learning journey. Want to know more? Call our friendly staff and book a trail class for you and your child or book now for the term. We can’t wait to see you here.

Want to know more about why music is so awesome for children? Read on!

Studies have shown that children who undergo musical training from an early age are better at learning and retaining new words, have better reading ability and have better concentration and problem-solving skills. Learning to play an instrument as a child may even assist academic learning right through to adulthood.

When you think of what it takes to learn music, the results of these studies are not really surprising. Musicians must multi-task by reading music, keeping the beat, staying in tune, playing in harmony with others, memorising and concentrating. Oh, and let’s not forget the social aspects of music. Children will listen, share and take turns with their classmates. This all starts in our Junior and Primary Music Classes with fun activities, songs, dances and games designed to engage and involve your child.

This all starts in our Bopperbugs (1 and 2 year olds), Jitterbugs (2 year olds) and Beeboppers Little Music (3 year olds) classes with fun activities, songs, dances and games designed to engage and involve your child. Even when they are sitting and watching, they are learning.

New Mobile Music Classes – Coming Soon to Gungahlin and Inner-North!


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