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Class duration: 45 minutes
Class size: Maximum 10 children
Class availability: Tuesday – Friday mornings
Fees: $18.80 per class, payable at the start of each term (terms follow the 10-week ACT school terms)
Where: In our purpose-built rooms Bellchambers Music School upstairs 61-63 Colbee Court East, Phillip
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3-year olds

You’re ready for your child to learn music. They’re ready to have fun. We’re ready for you both in Beeboppers!

We have continuous enrolling for Beebopper classes, so call 6281 6270 or click the button below to secure your spot.

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Our Beeboppers class for 3-year olds cracks the code of how to get your little one to love coming to music lessons. Packed with diverse, interactive and exciting activities designed to open your child’s ears, develop their voice and introduce them to the world of music, Beeboppers is more than just a first step to a music education, it’s the foundation for teaching your child passion and love for music. Beeboppers Little Music starts with the premise that learning music should be fun and exciting, and your teacher introduces the fundamentals of music to your little one through singing, dancing, games, craft, and a whole range of other activities designed to keep them engaged and active while they’re learning. They’ll develop their skills in beat and rhythm and pitch and harmony and build their confidence and performance skills. Guided by our team of qualified and highly experienced musicians and educators, your young musician will be getting the best head start in their music education – and with additional activities designed to promote social development, motor skills, and literacy and vocabulary, they’ll also be getting the best head start in life! Beeboppers Little Music is designed as a precursor to the International School of Music Junior Music program for ages 4+, which builds on the skills developed in Beeboppers and introduce your young musician to playing the piano. Beeboppers graduates excel in our Junior Music classes, and we try and keep classes together where possible, meaning your little one is making friends and enjoying playing music together! What does a class look like? You and your Beebopper will always be warmly welcomed by your class teacher, and each class starts by singing the Beeboppers Song. Then, your teacher will create music magic with you both. Each week is based on a different theme, for example trucks week, circus week or instruments week. You will sing lots of songs, mostly from Beeboppers’ unique collection of original songs written specifically for this course and based on the weekly themes. There are also plenty of dances to learn, and the class always loves to play percussion. We have a wide variety of instruments for your to play along with songs they’ll know and love, as well as famous pieces of classical music to introduce your child to new sounds and ways of listening. Your child will learn the basics of music notation, and there’s plenty of opportunities to clap, drum and sing. Some of our classes even compose their own songs! Each Beebopper gets a wonderful Beeboppers book, filled with fun activities for you and your little one to complete together. At the end of each class your child will get a sticker in their book, and everybody sings the Beeboppers ‘Goodbye Song’. Then it’s time to go home, which is harder than it sounds – with so many exciting activities our Beeboppers would prefer to keep going! N.B. Beeboppers is appropriate for 3-year old graduates from Bopperbugs and/or Jitterbugs, as well as 3-year olds with no music experience.