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Class duration: 30 minutes
Class size: Maximum 10 children
Class availability: Tuesday – Friday mornings
Fees: $15.80 per class, payable at the start of each term (terms follow the 10-week ACT school terms)
Where: In our purpose-built rooms Bellchambers Music School upstairs 61-63 Colbee Court East, Phillip
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WHO TEACHES Bopperbugs?

1 – 2 Year olds

Your little one is never too young to be introduced to the world of music!



Bopperbugs is the start of your 1-year old’s musical journey. Specially designed at Bellchambers Music School and delivered by highly trained and qualified early childhood music educators, Bopperbugs opens your little one’s ears to the world of music in a fun, stimulating and exciting environment. They’ll be having such a great time they won’t even know they’re learning!  Plus, Bopperbugs is a great activity for parents, grandparents and carers to share with the children!

Bopperbugs focuses on developing important skills for your little one’s future musical journey – and important skills for school and for life! Our classes help develop your child’s motor skills, coordination and listening skills, create a foundation of rhythmic and harmonic understanding, and help your young musician find and develop their voice. Guided by our talented and friendly team of educators, you can watch your little one’s confidence blossom as they sing, dance, play and perform.

What does a class look like?

You and your Bopperbug will always be warmly welcomed by your class teacher, and each class starts by singing the Bopperbugs ‘Hello Song’. Then, your teacher will take the class on an exciting musical journey. Together, you and your little one will sing lots of songs, some of which your child will recognise and some which will be brand new, but they’re always lots of fun. There are also plenty of dances to learn – we usually find your little one will be able to teach you the actions after a few weeks! Playing percussion is a big highlight, and we have a wide variety of percussion instruments for your child to love and to master, played to preschool songs they’ll know and love, as well as famous pieces of classical music to introduce your child to new sounds and ways of listening. There are stories, and plenty of games for you to share. At the end of each class your child will get a stamp in their Bopperbug book, which also has all the songs from the class to take and sing at home, and everybody sings the Bopperbugs ‘Goodbye Song’. Then it’s time to go home, which is harder than it sounds – with so many exciting activities packed into half an hour, our Bopperbugs usually don’t want to leave!

Little Bopperbugs go on to big things!

At 2-years old, graduates of our Bopperbugs program move up to Jitterbugs or Beeboppers music, which build on the foundation set in Bopperbugs to further prepare them for a lifelong journey with music. Once they turn 4, they can begin Junior Music, which uses the skills introduced in Bopperbugs and the other early childhood courses to introduce playing the piano in the same fun, dynamic and interactive way the children have come to know and love. Where possible, we try and keep graduating classes together, giving your child (and you) the opportunity to continue their musical journey with the friends they have already made, and making new ones on the way!

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