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Emerging Musician Courses


Class duration 45 minutes
Class size Maximum 10 children
Class availability Monday – Friday afternoons after school, and Saturday morning and afternoon
Fees $27.50 per class, payable at the start of each term (terms follow the 10-week ACT school terms)
Where In our purpose-built rooms Bellchambers Music School upstairs 61-63 Colbee Court East, Phillip
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WHO TEACHES Emerging Musician Courses?

The Pianorama Junior and Primary Music Classes are so much more than an introductory piano class. They are focused on developing your child as a whole musician, and concentrate on all skills such as listening, singing, rhythm, reading music, harmony and of course learning the piano.

We group our classes by age (4, 5, 6 or 7) and work to the pace of your children. In this way, we can focus on each individual and make sure everyone is getting the best learning experience. Each class is 45 minutes long and full of fun and engaging musical activities such as playing the piano, singing, reading music and learning about rhythm and time signatures. You as the parent or carer get to learn all of these great skills as well, as we request parents stay in the initial stages of learning so you can assist your child during the class and help them with their practice at home.

Classes are all taught by our teachers who are highly skilled musicians, are qualified and licenced through the International School of Music and are passionate about providing the best educational experience for your child.

We have continuous booking for our Pianorama Junior and Primary classes, so call 6281 6270 or click the button below to secure your spot.

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Want to know more about why music is so awesome for children? Read on!

Studies have shown that children who undergo musical training from an early age are better at learning and retaining new words, have better reading ability and have better concentration and problem-solving skills. Learning to play an instrument as a child may even assist academic learning right through to adulthood.

When you think of what it takes to learn music, the results of these studies are not really surprising. Musicians must multi-task by reading music, keeping the beat, staying in tune, playing in harmony with others, memorising and concentrating. Oh, and let’s not forget the social aspects of music. Children will listen, share and take turns with their classmates. This all starts in our Junior and Primary Music Classes with fun activities, songs, dances and games designed to engage and involve your child.

Music gives your child a leg-up on their life-long learning journey. Want to know more? Call our friendly staff and book a trial class for you and your child or book now for the term. We can’t wait to see you here.

Watch the video below to see what you can expect in our Emerging Musician Course.