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Angus Ogborne

Teacher of: Drum

Angus has been drumming in Canberra for over 15 years after starting his drumming endeavours at the age of 5, with great hopes of becoming a Rock star one day. At high school, Angus became somewhat addicted to playing gigs and also began session drumming for bands, playing in acts such as Midnight Cinderella (2014-15), Rubyice (2015-16) and East Row Rabble (2016-17). Although he no longer session drums, he is gigging in various bands around Canberra and has also turned his attention to a career in teaching.

Angus says, ‘I have always been passionate about drum teaching, having fond memories of my learning experience and the gateway it built for me to pursue a professional drumming career. I believe that teaching a love for drumming is equally important to learning how to groove and read rhythm. I teach a well-rounded criterion that focuses on developing drumming techniques, playing to various charts with accompaniment (playing in time), ability to drum with diversification (different genres and grooves) and building a respectful relationship with my students. I also aim to boost each student’s drumming confidence as this leads to a higher level of performance and passion. I give 110% effort towards creating pathways for my students and possibilities for them to take their drumming further.’