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Maxine Grice

Teacher of: Piano

Maxine has recently moved from Sydney to Canberra and has joined the BMS teaching team. Maxine holds a Bachelor in Education (Music) and Associate Diploma (Piano Teaching), Trinity College London, and has a wide range of experience as both a Secondary Music Teacher and also as a private Piano Teacher. Maxine’s approach to the teaching of Music is to find each students’ interests and encourage them to achieve their best. She believes that music should be an enjoyable experience that becomes a lifelong skill to be shared with others. Creativity is an essential part of her teaching style and philosophy, and students are encouraged to explore different styles of music, to create and improvise, to use their imagination, and express themselves musically. Maxine continually adds to her store of musical ‘games’ to help students develop good aural skills, musical literacy and general knowledge in whatever ways suit the individual learner.