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Sean Luan

Teacher of: Piano

Sean is a registered AMEB piano teacher who has been awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Teaching. He developed a new piano learning method in 2016 for beginners of all ages . Sean pioneered the use of the‘Four Steps Learning Method’ in the piano teaching, which was a great success in practice. It is an efficient, scientific, and systematic teaching method, which is inspired by the development of western music and is committed to developing the student’s independent learning ability.

Sean’s years of teaching experience enable him to teach in various methods, including the Bastien method. The carefully graded, logical learning sequence assures steady, continual progress. Original music by Bastien includes a mixture of pop, folk, classical, and contemporary styles. In addition, Sean received the international Bastian piano teacher qualification certificate in 2016. All in all, learning from Sean is a dynamic way of letting students experience the marvellous world of music!